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Datin Khairunnisa Liyana Binti Azani

Group Chief Executive Officer
In the world of real estate, where dreams of home ownership are forged and fortunes are made, there exists a visionary leader who seeks to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Datin Khairunnisa Liyana Binti Azani, currently holding the esteemed position of Group Chief Executive Officer at Anggun Group Holdings Sdn. Bhd., as well as Chief Executive Officer at Anggun Armada Holdings Sdn. Bhd., is not your typical corporate executive. She is a trailblazer with a dual mission that sets her apart from the rest.

Personal Information

Datin Khairunnisa Liyana, affectionately known as Datin Khairunnisa, envisions herself as more than just a Bumiputra real estate developer. Her aspirations extend beyond the confines of profit margins and balance sheets. Her dream is to be a catalyst for change, to turn the dream of owning a home into a reality for countless individuals, and to pave the way for more women to rise as formidable entrepreneurs in the real estate realm.

Her journey in the real estate industry commenced in 2008, a pivotal year that would shape her trajectory. Armed with ambition and fueled by her years of experience at the Selangor Housing and Real Estate Board (LPHS), she embarked on a path towards realizing her dreams of success in the real estate sector. For Datin Khairunnisa, the real estate industry isn’t just a thriving economic sector; it’s a timeless arena where opportunities abound, irrespective of prevailing economic conditions.

As the world evolves, so do the methods of real estate promotion. Datin Khairunnisa recognized the potential of online platforms as a means to connect with buyers more intimately and share information in innovative ways. Employing online promotion techniques distinct from traditional industry practices, she achieved remarkable personal sales, surpassing RM 3.9 million in the initial phase of her real estate career. This pioneering approach has not only bolstered her own success but has also served as a blueprint for countless Anggun Group real estate agents.

Collaborating closely with her mentor, Dato’ (Dr.) Rosdi Arifin, Datin Khairunnisa embarked on a remarkable journey by establishing Anggun Millenia Property, a subsidiary of Anggun Group. Their shared vision goes beyond conventional boundaries. It’s about reshaping and elevating the real estate sector, making it accessible to all, regardless of gender or background. Datin Khairunnisa aims not only to excel as a real estate agent but also to ascend to the highest echelons as a Bumiputra real estate developer.

In conclusion, Datin Khairunnisa Liyana Binti Azani is more than a corporate executive; she’s a visionary leader on a mission to empower dreams, redefine the real estate landscape, and inspire a new generation of real estate entrepreneurs, particularly women, to follow in her footsteps. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination and innovation in the dynamic world of real estate.

Professional Skills

Strategic Thinking 90%
Planning & Delivery 92%
People Management 95%

Other Positions

2017 - Present

Chief Executive Officer – Anggun Millenia Property

2018 - Present

Chief Executive Officer – Anggun Armada Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

2022 - Present

Vice Chairman – Koperasi Hartanah Anggun Berhad

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