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Dato’ Rosdi Bin Arifin

Founder, Group Executive Chairman
Dato' Rosdi Bin Arifin, the visionary founder of Anggun Group Holdings Sdn. Bhd., possesses an impressive 22-year track record in the dynamic world of business. Throughout his illustrious career, he has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a keen eye for opportunities.

Personal Information

His journey commenced at Takaful Nasional, now recognized as Etiqa Takaful Berhad, where he ascended from a Sales Agent to the role of Sales Manager, demonstrating his exceptional acumen in the field. Over the span of 12 years in the Takaful sector, he honed his skills in corporate management, enriching his professional repertoire.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dato’ Rosdi held a steadfast belief in the pivotal role of the real estate sector in fueling the nation’s economic prosperity.

In 2013, he took the plunge into real estate, establishing his inaugural venture. This venture laid the foundation for the birth of Koperasi Hartanah Anggun Berhad (KOHAB). A watershed moment arrived in 2018, when he not only founded KOHAB but also actively spearheaded its operations. KOHAB, an instrumental platform, has been instrumental in nurturing a cadre of real estate agents. These agents, enrolled in the “Bumiputera Real Estate Entrepreneur Development Program,” emerge as licensed real estate advisors, further amplifying the sector’s growth.

In 2019, the debut of Anggun Armada Sdn. Bhd. as a formidable real estate developer marked a significant milestone. The unveiling of their inaugural housing project in Karak, Pahang, boasting 28 units of semi-detached houses and 2 units of bungalow houses, stood as a resounding triumph for Dato’ Rosdi.

Dato’ Rosdi’s remarkable journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to both the real estate sector and the broader business community, exemplifying his enduring impact on the nation’s economic landscape.

Professional Skills

Strategic Thinking 97%
Planning & Delivery 98%
People Management 98%

Other Positions

2017 - Present

Founder & Chairman – Koperasi Hartanah Anggun Berhad

2022 - Present

Chairman – Koperasi Penjaja Dan Peniaga Kecil Melayu Selangor (KOPERJA)

2022 - Present

Chairman – Persatuan Penjaja Dan Peniaga Kecil Melayu Negeri Selangor (Cawangan Puncak Bestari)

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